LOCATION.    How to get where?

From the north:

Reference points:

From chillan by Route 5 south (ruta 5 sur)  advance 50 km toll reaching Santa Clara, then you are going to pass through the intersection Cabrero – Concepcion and then by crossing Yumbel – Laja ( must continue on the 5 south route) then you are going to pass a police roadblock,  from there forward approx 1.5 km and you will find the bypass that will bring to our resort. By bus, you must request stop on the runway Chillancito Saltos del Laja from there you have locomotion to our cabins.

From Concepción:

Take Route Q-50 (Concepcion – Cabrero) once passed Cabrero joins Route 5 South, you must turn right  and then find the cross Laja – Yumbel ( must continue on The route 5 south), then pass a police roadblock, from there forward aprox 1,5 km and you will find the bypass that will bring to our resort . By bus, can address the Jote be lines, Pullman bus, Linea azul confirming your ticket to Saltos del Laja.

From the South:

You must pass Los Angeles city, the reference points you will find on the Route 5 South are the Terpel servicentro (gas station) approx at Km 500 then Pronto Copec Servicentro ( another gas station) at Km 490, then the road signs will indicate its desvío hacia el peaje lateral de ingreso al Salto del Laja will move approximately 1 Km and cross the saltos del laja bridge moving 500 mts. Heading up north to your right side you will see our complex  marked by a sign .




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